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      Everything you need to know about painless delivery and the use of epidural

      Everything you need to know about painless delivery and the use of epidural

      Gem Hospital And IVF Centre Bathinda, Punjab

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        Painless delivery In bathinda, Punjab

        Painless delivery is a safe and sound approach

        For a woman, one of the most exciting and blessed phases of her life is ‘Pregnancy.’ Indeed! Being a new mom comes with many different responsibilities, excitement, and nervousness. When you have conceived normally or through IVF, most women fear the labor period and how she will handle the pain. No doubt, as the due date comes near, that fear that something might go wrong keeps on boggling in mind. However, with the expertise of the best gynae doctor in Punjab, you will get to know about the painless delivery and how it’s done.

        Breakdown of painless delivery

        Childbirth through normal delivery is not that comfortable for most women. But not anymore. HOW? The painless delivery is the answer to make the labor journey go with utmost comfort. During the procedure, the doctor will use the best pain relief option, and it does help the mother to give birth to her child without any pain.

        Are you struggling to plan your pregnancy journey?

        If it seems tough to you to get pregnant on your own, then schedule your initial consultation at one of the renowned IVF center in Punjab to ensure the journey is manageable.

        How is epidural an important part of painless normal delivery?

        Uterus gets contracted up to 10 cm to push the baby out, which takes a huge force. This is the major reason labor pain occurs in women. Here’s the scenario of what happens:

        • Uterus gets contracted
        • Labor starts
        • Cervix gets opened
        • Baby comes out

        The pain and pressure required during the labor are even experienced in the spinal area, and nerves are present in the backbone.

        The woman is given regional anesthesia to effectively deal with the labor pain. The anesthesia does make a great choice to make the following areas numb:

        • Abdomen
        • Genital
        • Pelvic regions

        The anesthesia injected is the key factor to block pain sensations and allows the pregnancy to go with utmost ease. So, it’s one of those ways that allow the childbirth process to complete with ease.

        How does the epidural work?

        The biggest factor is that it did help you get relief from labor pain, and apart from that, everything is the same as the normal delivery. Initially, IV is given before the entire process starts. When given anesthesia, you have to lie down on your back and just stay still on one side or sit up to get the epidural process started. This is the best location to inject anesthesia and get further steps done with ease.

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        Well, it’s pretty evident that painless normal delivery is safe, and everything in labor is similar to normal pregnancy. Just to make it painless, an epidural is used.

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