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      Experts Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About IVF Treatment

      Experts Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About IVF Treatment


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        There are various questions one might have during their IVF cycle. Infertile couples have already fought to conceive. They do not want to take any risks associated with IVF pregnancy.

        The best IUI Centre in Punjab will help you get pregnant through assisted reproductive technology without any complications. Visit us now and learn about your infertility issue.

        There are various reasons for one to suffer from infertility. We have categorized it into different categories.

        1. Unhealthy lifestyle factor

        2. Environmental factor

        3. Medical factor

        In this blog, we will discuss some questions that might be brewing inside your head.

        Frequently Asked Questions Regarding IVF Treatment

        • Can you exercise during an IVF cycle?

        The best IVF centre in Punjab will suggest you carry on with your daily workout regime without any worries. However, keep it light to moderate, and do not overdo it by any means.

        Exercise is a perfect solution to reduce weight, increase bone density or muscle, improve sleep, and lower stress which automatically will improve the chances of getting pregnant among young couples. But the middle of your IVF cycle is not the right time for you to take on some new and vigorous workout regime.

        • Can you do sex during the IVF cycle?

        People generally have this question lurking in their minds. To answer it, we do not advise you to continue having sex or intercourse during your IVF cycle. Have patience and get a thumbs up from your doctor before you continue having sex.

        We highly discourage you from having sex during your IVF cycle, which includes the period between your embryo transfer and beta blood work. In case the blood work confirms pregnancy, then the doctor might advise you to avoid having sex until the baby’s heartbeat scan. If the beta work dictates negative results, you can most likely have sex.

        Now comes the time period of egg retrieval procedure and frozen embryo transfer (FET); this might take about a month. Sex during this month is optional, but we suggest you wait a little longer to avoid complications.

        The reason behind avoiding sex and conducting such an amount of precautions is to make sure that there is no sudden movement or contractions that can happen due to orgasm. This might interfere with your IVF cycle and future pregnancy.

        • Are you a candidate for IVF treatment?

        It is one of those doubts that stops people from seeking help from an expert. IVF or artificial insemination is already a big taboo in Indian society. Uncertainty and lack of knowledge are just a cherry on top.

        Various elements dictate whether or not a patient is eligible to undergo IVF treatment in a center. These are some symptoms that an appropriate candidate might experience to declare a perfect candidate for IVF treatment.

        1. Low sperm counts

        2. Endometriosis

        3. Problems with the uterus or fallopian tubes

        4. Ovulation disorders

        5. Sperm unable to penetrate or survive in the cervical mucus

        6. Other health or unexplained reproductive issues

        However, the only way to learn whether it is right for you to undergo IVF treatment is through some medical test and consultation with our professional and renowned doctors.

        Final Comments

        Contact Gem Hospital And IVF Centre and book your appointment to learn more about IVF and how it might help you get pregnant.


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