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      What are the topmost natural ways which can boost your fertility level?

      What are the topmost natural ways which can boost your fertility level?

      Guide on best Infertility Treatment Options for Men & Women in Punjab

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        Studies have shown that around 50% of couples can conceive within 6 months of getting married. Around 80% of them will conceive within 1 month of trying, and the rest 20% will face fertility issues. If you come in 20% then fortunately consulting the fertility expert will improve your conception chances.

        Also, if you are above 35 then undergoing fertility treatment at the best IVF centre in Punjab will improve your conception chances. In this blog, we are going to mention the topmost ways to boost the fertility level.

        • Limit the consumption of carbohydrates

        By eating fewer carbohydrates is going to help you keep your weight normal. This in turn will help to control the menstrual regularities. If your body’s carbohydrates level is going up then it leads to issues of insulin resistance, overweight, and ovulatory infertility which goes to around 78%.

        • Increase the amount of fiber

        You need to include a high fibrous diet which can include fruits, salads, sprouts, beans, whole grain, and vegetables. With this option, it helps to reduce the weight and take away the excess hormones from the body. This way the problems which can lead to infertility are prevented on time.

        • Increase the consumption of antioxidant

        Antioxidants diet works great by damaging the free radicals present in the body which in turn can prove harmful to the eggs and male sperm. Moreover, it can work great by increasing sperm motility.

        *Some of the essential fiber to include in your daily diet are folate, Vitamin C, zinc, vegetables, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and caroline. If you are struggling to follow a balanced diet then consult the health expert for better understanding.

        • Reduce the consumption of alcohol

        Make sure when you are trying to conceive, reduce, or avoid consuming alcohol. It is an important aspect of male and female infertility.

        • Increase the amount of iron

        When you are trying to get pregnant you need to increase the amount of iron in the body along with Vitamin C which is great for absorption. Moreover, it is going to reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility which has been proved by the studies.

        • Regular exercise is important

        By doing regular exercise your fertility is going to improve which increases your chances of conception. Also, it keeps your body weight normal, which is a great factor for fertility.

        • Include multivitamin

        Not only do you need to focus on the diet and stay active, but make sure you include essential multivitamins in the diet. It means you need to include green tea, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B12.

        • Manage the stress level

        At times, when you focus on our career, or when we have the responsibility to manage the household, we forget to give our body the rest it needs. Excess stress levels can lead to anxiety, depression, or stress. For that, you need to meditate regularly or do yoga to manage the stress level.