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      What are the importance and predominant benefits of taking ERA (Endometrial receptivity array) into account?

      What are the importance and predominant benefits of taking ERA (Endometrial receptivity array) into account?

      What is ERA

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        Gem Hospital and IVF Centre Punjab: There has been an advent of the modern test which we all know by the name of the ERA (Endometrial receptivity array) that helps us to detect the following:

        • Which will the ideal time for the embryo transfer
        • How can we achieve the early success

        Does it happen usually?

        The females who are trying to conceive through the IVF process usually achieve success in all the stages but when it comes to the egg implantation procedure, then failure is being experienced. It may be because of the following:


        Weak Uterus

        If all the other stages of the test tube baby were carried out beautifully, but the failure is only experienced in the egg implantation procedure, then it might be because of the weakened uterus. In such cases, the uterus is not able to hold the weight of the embryo.


        Do you know?

        No, not only the health of the uterus is taken as an important factor to determine the success of the IVF cycles. Rather it is the receptivity of the uterus as well that contributes a major role in this regard.


        Congrats! Medical Science finally did it!

        Now it has been possible to know about the receptivity of the uterus as far as the relation with the embryo is concerned.


        Let’s illustrate it!

        When a seed of the plant is unable to either get fertilized or grow, then the ecosystem, soil, and the seed are to be blamed. The same is the case with the conception of women. So not only the quality of the embryo is to be blamed, rather all the other factors like endometrial factors equally contribute to this.


        What is ERA TEST?

        The era test is unique as it helps to monitor the cyclical pattern which is of the 238 genes. With this, the window is personalized for each patient as far as the implantation is concerned.


        How does the ERA help to know the receptivity of the embryo?

        The ERA Is very helpful as it helps to know how the embryo responds to the particular phase especially during the menstrual cycle.


        When are the embryo transfers performed?

        It is the stage that is performed after the egg retrieval. Usually, it takes 3 to 5 days for the egg transfer to be carried out. If more than one embryo is seeming to be healthy and able to be nurtured into a healthy baby, then it will also be implanted in the hope of achieving the implantation procedure.


        What about the results of ERA?

        As far as the results of the ERA is concerned, then these are consistent as far as the same patient is being considered and the different cycles are taken into account. These tests are usually not very costly and anyone can afford them.


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