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      Is it true undergoing the procedure of test-tube baby is painful?

      Is it true undergoing the procedure of test-tube baby is painful?

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        Infertility is the root cause when a couple is not able to conceive. Well, there are different reasons which can trigger the problem.  Let’s understand the procedure so that we know what we are going to phase.

        Stimulating the ovaries

        Your surgeon will give you hormone supplements so that you can produce healthy eggs. The women are born with a limited number of eggs, and every month one egg is released in the ovulation period. Due to this, at the 40s or 50s, only a limited number of eggs are there, and they are unable to produce healthy eggs. The fertility doctor will first examine you and then offer you hormone supplements so that you can produce healthy eggs.

        Make sure you seek help from the best fertility doctor. If you are facing a problem finding one then visit our doctor to get the best treatment plan of the test tube baby in Punjab.

        Egg collection

        Once the eggs are produced, you have to visit the clinic, where they will examine your condition and then give you hormone injections in order to perform the egg collection process. After this, the eggs are collected with the surgical procedure, which is called follicular aspiration.

        Sperm retrieval process

        The third step in the test-tube baby or IVF is sperm collection from the male partner for the fertilization procedure. If your partner does not have health or enough sperm, the option of donor sperm for conception can be used.


        In this step, the specialist combines the egg and sperm outside the body in the clinical lab. Fertilization means the development of embryos which is necessary for the women to conceive. This step is also referred to as insemination.

        Embryo implantation

        Well, this is the last step of test-tube baby treatment, in which doctor transfers the developed embryos into the women’s uterus for conception. After this, you need to wait for 2 weeks, and then again visit the doctor if you notice any sign of pregnancy or doctor will do a test to check the results.

        Is the treatment going to be painful?

        No doubt, with every treatmnet there are challenges like mood swings or hormonal changes. As we have said, during the treatment medications are given which helps the women to conceive.

        Like with any other procedure, in this method also there is light discomfort and pain which is very normal.

        • During, the egg retrieval very fine needle is inserted which can lead to slight discomfort. Once it is done, you will feel normal again.

        • Additionally, in the embryo implantation, there is no such pain. After it is done successfully, you can get back to your normal working routine very easily.

        • When the eggs start developing after taking the medications the ovaries can bloat.

        This is clear that there is no such problem of pain when you get the treatment. With the help of sedation and anesthesia, the patient can easily undergo the treatment.


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