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      List of Food that Can Improve and Boost Male Fertility

      List of Food that Can Improve and Boost Male Fertility

      List of Food that Can Improve and Boost Male Fertility

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        We all know that a well balanced, nutritious diet is something essential for the body. However, few people know that a diet that is lacking in nutrients is bound to make you infertile. Male infertility is highly influenced by the intake of a healthy diet. Test tube baby centre in Punjab specifies the following foods to enhance the fertility of the males-

        Vitamin D

        Men with a deficiency of Vitamin D report lower sperm motility as compared to men who have a sufficient amount of this vitamin. Taking Vitamin D supplements will help in increasing the motility of sperm. The dietary sources are foods like egg yolks, red meat, and oily fish.


        Selenium plays an important role in improving sperm quality thereby aiding in the resolution of fertility issues. Consumption of selenium along with Vitamin E leads to not only an improvement in sperm movement but also its morphology. Foods rich in selenium are eggs, fish, meat, nuts, and seeds.


        Both men and women benefit by including zinc in their diet. For men, it enhances the sperm count and motility thereby raising the chances of conception. Zinc is found in all dairy products, meats, and shellfish.

        Folic acid

        A man deficient in folic acid will fail to produce healthy sperms. Therefore men should include folic acid in their diet to boost the quality of their sperms. They must include food items rich in folic acids such as green leafy vegetables, sprouts, legumes, and eggs. Lentils also are a rich source of natural folic acid and help in improving fertility in both males and females.

        Vitamin C

        Vitamin C is very beneficial for dealing with sperm deficiencies. It is also of exceptional help in increasing sperm motility. Getting enough Vitamin C will be assured if you drink a glass of orange juice every day. Apart from that, you can eat citrus fruits, strawberries, and guavas to elevate your Vitamin C levels.


        Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, which has a tremendous effect on male fertility. These antioxidants that are present in tomatoes help in improving the motility, shape, and structure of the sperm. So add tomatoes to your veggies or eat it raw in a salad, and improve your chances of having a baby.


        The wonderful nut helps in improving all the sperm parameters like sperm motility, shape, and strength. As walnuts are rich in omega-three fatty acids, consuming them daily is very beneficial for your reproductive health, just add them to desserts or salads to enjoy its benefits.


        Proteins are required for improving cell quality and increasing their life span. Regular protein intake by eating eggs, fish, and chicken will improve sperm motility and count. Vegetarians sources of proteins are milk, casein, and whey.


        Drinking sufficient water is not only significant for overall health but it is also an important factor in maintaining good sperm motility. As semen mainly comprises of water, drinking less water will lead to thicker semen which will not be favorable for sperm to swim.