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      Planning to undergo the IVF procedure, then how you should prepare?

      Planning to undergo the IVF procedure, then how you should prepare?

      Preparing for the IVF treatment - Gem Hospital and IVF centre

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        Gem Hospital and IVF centre Punjab: So, you are planning to undergo the treatment of IVF then it is important that you prepare for the treatment in the best way. Read the given article, to prepare yourself for the  IVF procedure.

        Knowing about the process

        • Learning the process of IVF

        – The women have prescribed medications so that the ovulation stops. Throughout the procedure, there will be a blood test and a different test done to examine your health.

        – Once the egg gets matured they will be retrieved so that they can be fertilized with the sperm in a controlled environment.

        – The above step results in embryo production which is then transferred to the woman’s reproductive tract.

        The success of the treatment will depend on different factors like your health, age, and many other things. For better understanding, you should visit the best Test tube baby Centre in Punjab.

        • Understanding the possible risk factors

        IVF procedure takes time and as you are spending money so it is essential that you learn the possible risk factors about the procedure. Some of the risk factors include:

        – Multiple births

        – Low birth weight and premature delivery

        – Miscarriage

        – Ectopic pregnancy

        – Birth defect

        – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (ovaries become swollen and painful)

        • Know the Financial Obligations

        – Blood test

        – Fertility medications

        – Initial Fertility test

        – Ultrasound and monitoring

        It might be possible that you need ICSI treatment if the partner is suffering from male infertility problem. Talk with your doctor as they will let you know about the treatment plan which is going to work best for you.

        Going through the procedure

        • Different test

        – The doctor will do an ovarian test to determine the quality and quantity of the egg. This way the doctor will know how the body will respond to the fertility medications.

        – To know about the uterine cavity the sonohysterography is done in which fluid is injected into the uterus through the cervix and ultrasound helps in creating the images.

        • Get the male partner fertility tested

        Before the IVF procedure starts the partner is going to get semen analysis and this will tell whether there is a need for a sperm donor.

        • Taking part in the mock IVF cycle

        The mock IVF cycle helps in showing that both the patient is responding well to the treatment.

        – The ultrasound is done 10 to 12 days into the estrogen enhanced cycle. This way it will tell the uterine cavity depth and help in knowing which technique will suit best in placing the embryo into the uterus.

        – The patient is given gonadotropin-releasing hormone which tells that uterine lining is ready for embryo implant.

        Focusing on your diet and routine

        It is important that you start eating healthy and include essential supplements. Additionally, start doing a moderate level of exercise. Make sure to seek doctor’s advice if you are having any problems.


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