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      What is infertility and explain the certain Symptoms that are associated with Infertility?

      What is infertility and explain the certain Symptoms that are associated with Infertility?

      Infertility symptoms in both sexes

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        Fertility issues are common in both male and female, which makes them unable to have a child naturally. If you are one of them and struggling to conceive a baby naturally, then you must visit the test tube baby center in Punjab.

        Here are certain signs that you need to know and associated with infertility.

        Hormonal problems

        This condition is additionally known as Irregular menstrual cycles in women. This happens when your body is unable to produce enough hormones for ovulation. In addition to this, the woman cycle lies between 28 to 35 days, however, the main factor you need to consider is consistency. Well, if your cycle is not stable or you are experiencing less then 35 days, then you will experience fertility issues. Or if you are obese and being underweight condition leads to this problem. Sometimes, if you are practicing too much exercise, then you may experience irregular periods. So, you need to talk to your Gynecologist in Bathinda to get the right treatment on time.

        In addition to this, this can also be caused due to certain other reproductive conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS as well.

        Painful or heavy monthly cycles

        Basically, the menstrual cycle is of 3-7 days, but ladies who experience painful or heavy periods are at greater risk of infertility problems. This is commonly caused due to:

        Being overweight

        Are you struggling to conceive a baby, but you are unable to get pregnant? In this case, you need to check on your weight, as you may not know that being overweight is the problem, that leads to several other health conditions. This condition usually causes irregular periods and you may experience problems in ovulation. So, you need to maintain a healthy weight as per your BMI.

        Hot flashes or night sweats.

        This may seem unimportant sign, but if you are experiencing sudden excessive sweating and hot flashes during sleep, then these conditions lead you to-:

        • Early menopause
        • Decreased ovarian reserve
        • A low egg count
        • Premature ovarian failure

        Pain during sex

        If you are experiencing too much pain during sex, then you need to talk to your specialist, this condition may result in infertility issues. Moreover, people who are struggling to enjoy sexual intercourse due to a drop in sex drive are at greater risk of infertility conditions.

        Sperm problems in male partners

        Low sperm count or poor sperm motility leads your partner to infertility condition. These problems occur due to poor lifestyle habits include being overweight, spicy food, over-heating testicles, smoking, and over-consumption of alcohol.