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      What are the most common symptoms of endometriosis every woman should know?

      What are the most common symptoms of endometriosis every woman should know?

      Common symptoms of Endometriosis

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        Menstrual cramps are something that every woman has to deal with at some point in their life. Although some type of pain can be relieved by over-the-counter medications or by trying effective home remedies. 

        What is Endometriosis?

        Endometriosis is a condition in which the woman’s uterus inner tissue lining starts growing outside the uterus and it creates inflammatory responses. Although the exact reason behind this condition is not known properly. Experts believe that the problem happens when someone in your family has faced the problem earlier, then you might be at the risk of getting endometriosis condition.

        The problem can occur at any reproductive age and women under the age of 30 are more risk of getting the problem. Your gynecologist will be able to tell you by diagnosing what you should do to deal with the problem. Here are a few symptoms which can tell you that you are facing endometriosis condition:

        • Extremely painful periods

        Menstrual pain is very common in women, but the endometriosis pain can make the period cramps very difficult to deal with. It is possible that pain starts 2 days before the periods and can continue for a few days. The pain is sharp, dull, throbbing, and sometimes it gives a burning sensation down there.

        • Unpleasant Sex

        Discomfort or excess pain can also trigger that you are facing endometriosis condition. The reason for the extreme pain is that uterine tissue needs to bleed every month but instead of that, it is growing in the pelvic area which makes sex painful.

        • Conceiving naturally becomes difficult

        In some cases when the couple is trying to conceive but every time the results are negative. The reason may be endometriosis. In that case, the IVF treatment can help the patient to enjoy the parenthood phase. If you are planning to get the treatment then you should consult the best fertility specialist at our test tube baby Centre in Punjab.

        • Heavy bleeding in the menstrual cycle

        Heavy bleeding is the most common risk factor of endometriosis and due to this, the menstrual cycle is short-term. It can also trigger affect women’s daily lifestyle and might trigger infertility issues.

        • Painful Urination

        It is quite painful when you want to go to the bathroom but there is unbearable pain while urination. The endometriosis implants will bleed due to the cyclical changes in the hormonal level. Due to this blood do not have a proper escape route then it is possible that scar tissues can buildup and it might trigger severe pain around the rectum, bladder, and pelvic region.

        • Lower back pain

        Some women also experience back extreme pain and it can occur at any point in the menstrual cycle.



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