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      Benefits of IVF – Hear from doctors of Gem Hospital and IVF Centre

      Benefits of IVF – Hear from doctors of Gem Hospital and IVF Centre


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        Gem Hospital and IVF Centre – The best fertility clinic in Bathinda, is constantly working to make the IVF procedure the most benefitting and result-oriented procedure. Since 99% of the IVF procedures performed at our centre emerged successfully, this hospital has made itself stand in the league to become the best IVF centre in Punjab.

        Why do the fertility specialists at Gem hospital and IVF centre consider IVF as the best ART Option?

        • You’ll never get disappointed

        This treatment often works there, where other fertility treatments have failed and the couple has become exhausted after trying so many treatments like this:

        • ICSI
        • IUI
        • Medications
        • Fertility solution for everybody

        IVF is the best fertility solution for everyone:

        Same-sex couples are hugely benefitted from the procedure.

        • The women whose wombs do not have enough strength to hold the baby go seeking help for the gestational carrier.
        • If you want to make use of either the donated eggs or the sperms
        • You can dominate the timing

        Career-focused people usually do not opt up for having a baby until they get financially settled. But we can’t get everything as per our will. If we consider having a baby in the later years of life, then conception becomes difficult.

        But with IVF, we do have a solution. We can go for preserving the best quality of the eggs and the sperms to be used later when we are ready to have the baby.

        • The baby is always healthy

        Genetic screening is the crucial part of the IVF Procedure which is taken into account much more than the embryo is to be implanted in the uterus. The genetic screening helps us to know whether the baby to be delivered will be healthy and free from deformities.

        • Fewer chances of miscarriage

        IVF procedure at Gem Hospital and IVF centre is performed under the careful supervision of vastly experienced doctors.

        Did you know?

        The cause why do females suffer from miscarriage is the genetic abnormality because of which our bodies are convinced to terminate the pregnancy on their own.

        At our hospital, we make use of PGT which helps to figure out the genetic viability of the embryo. Since the screening is done at the right time, the doctors can make the women enjoy a healthy pregnancy by taking the right steps into account at the earliest.

        • Conception chances are increased

        With IVF and PGT, it has become possible for doctors to increase the success rate of the procedure. The doctors can perform multiple cycles if found necessary to increase the chances for the women to have the eggs fertilised in a better way.

        Final Comments!

        If you are also facing infertility-like issues, then no need to get distressed. You can still enjoy a healthy pregnancy by counting on the IVF procedure. To know more about the procedure, its cost and benefits, please have a long tour of our website. You will get each bit of the required information from there.

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