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      Is it true multiple abortions can reduce your chances of future pregnancy?

      Is it true multiple abortions can reduce your chances of future pregnancy?


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        What is abortion?

        In medical science, abortion is used to end the pregnancy so that the baby cannot be born. No doubt, pregnancy is one of the important parts of any woman’s life. In some cases, there are certain compilations or the time is not right then the difficult decision of abortion need to be made. But, is it true getting an abortion again and again can reduce the chances of future pregnancy?

        The reason for abortion is different for every individual. You need to make sure that you consult the doctor to understand that your condition will not get worse.

        Can abortion affect your fertility?

        It is important to understand that abortion cannot lead to infertility or complications when you try to conceive in the future. One of the important factors is that abortion needs to be done in a safe and proper environment. This way it is not going to result in any problem.

        Moreover, there is not much scientific evidence on this subject that whether abortion can create a problem when a woman tries to get pregnant in the future. No doubt, all medical procedures come with a risk, and that too with abortion.

        Although, medical advancement has improved a lot which ensures that women are in a safe environment all the time.

        What if abortion is not safe?

        No doubt, the abortion procedure is done safely, but there is a certain risk which might appear when you try to conceive in the future and this includes:

        • Vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy
        • Low birth weight
        • Placenta problems
        • Premature birth
        • Womb damage
        • Retained placenta
        • Severe Infection

        If you have undergone 2 abortion procedures then there is increased risk. If there is an infection, then the gynaecologist will suggest certain medications. Certain severe infectious diseases can occur are:

        • Pelvic inflammatory disease
        • Damage to the reproductive organ
        • Increased risk of infertility
        • Pregnancy outside the womb

        The chances of womb damage are rare as the medical procedures have advanced a lot with time. Currently, there is an increased risk of cervix damage or cervix getting weak. Due to a weak cervix, there will be problems sustaining the pregnancy at a later stage and it can lead to miscarriage. If there is a risk of cervical incompetence then the doctor will operate the condition by putting a stitch around the cervix and then it is closed.

        Abortion is emotionally challenging

        On the other hand, abortion is emotionally challenging to deal with for many women. Studies have shown that women might have difficulty connecting with their partner physically, or they will have a feeling of guilt. Indirectly, it can lead to infertility.

        You must consult the medical expert before you make the final choice. The doctor can tell you better what are the risks and complications of the procedure.

        Make sure that you seek medical assistance without any delay, as abortion is linked to increasing the risk of mental issues. So, consult the doctor without any delay.

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