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      What are the various Sexual problems in Males? What you should do?

      What are the various Sexual problems in Males? What you should do?


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        Many men struggle with their sexual performance. It is common to experience sexual problems in your life. Sexual problems can occur due to different reasons like:

        • Health issue
        • Stress
        • Relationship problem
        • Other issues

        Male sexual problems can be addressed by consulting your sexologist. It is important to understand that sexual problems can be treated by seeking help from the best Sexologist in Bathinda. Moreover, the ongoing research has made it easier to understand what is the reason for sexual issues, which was not difficult to understand in the past

        Do you know?

        Be it men or women, both of them experience difficulty during intercourse. Stats have shown that 31% of men and 43% of women have sexual problems.

        What are the most common sexual issues?

        Every individual can experience issues at some point while having intercourse. In the case of men, they are most likely to notice:

        • Lack of sexual desire
        • Inability to get or keep an erection
        • Inability to have orgasms
        • Orgasms that happen too slowly or too quickly

        Additional issues

        Apart from the above-mentioned issues there are others also like:

        • Penis Deformity
        • Peyronie’s disease (Scar tissue or collagen buildup which bends the penis)
        • Retrograde ejaculation (Semen get back to the bladder instead of coming out), This problem is likely to occur after bladder/prostate surgery or diabetes.

        Are Sex and Aging-related?

        Some changes in your sexual desire and sexual performance can occur as you age. In such a case, foreplay should be more before the intercourse and increase the stimulation. This would help to keep an erection for a longer time.

        Although, if you notice a sudden or extreme change, then it is better to consult the sexologist. He will tell you better about what is wrong and what you should do.

        Health issues and Sexual performance

        Your overall health also plays an important role in your sexual life. Many issues can impact your sexual performance or reduce the desire to have sex. Some of them are:

        • Heart and vascular (blood vessel) disease
        • Diabetes
        • Obesity
        • Hormone imbalances
        • High blood pressure
        • High cholesterol
        • Nervous system disorders like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease

        Medications and Sexual Performance

        Studies have noted that patients who are taking depression or blood pressure medication can have trouble with their sexual life. In case you notice such a thing, then make sure to consult the doctor and talk to him about the side effects.

        Lifestyle preferences

        What you choose to do daily will also make a lot of difference. If your lifestyle habits are not right then it will impact your sexual performance. It is better that you should:

        • Do regular exercise, to stay fit
        • Weight loss and keep it under the right level
        • Practice stress relief options

        Mental and Emotional Issues

        You might not know but mental and emotional health can also impact your sex life. Many people notice their sexual intimacy is reduced.

        Get help and solve the problem

        First of all, there is no need to feel shy or have guilt about this condition. When you open up about your concerns, it will only help you get the treatment at the right time. Make sure to answer all the questions asked by the doctor, so that they can understand what the issue is and how your sexual difficulties can be treated.

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