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      What are the most common signs of Infertility in men that need effective treatment?

      What are the most common signs of Infertility in men that need effective treatment?


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        It can be difficult to talk to your partner about infertility. However, it is possible that infertility can affect both partners or either one of the partners is having a problem. Some of the few statistics on this are mentioned below:

        • Around 20% of the couples who are trying to get pregnant will have problems.
        • Around 40% of the cases are due to female infertility.
        • In 20% to 30% of the cases of infertility are due to both partners and 30 to 40 % of cases are due to male infertility.

        For a better understanding regarding the treatment and how to improve the conception chances, you need to consult the best fertility doctor at the IVF centre in Punjab.

        Common signs of male Infertility

        • Swelling or pain in the testicles

        Swelling can occur due to different reasons in the testicular area. The pain in one area may be more as compared to other regions. No matter what the case is, it is essential to talk about the symptoms and get medical intervention. Some of the causes of testicular swelling are mentioned-below:

        • Testicular torsion

        In this condition, the testicular gets twisted in the scrotum. During this condition, the blood flow does not reach the testicles. If the blood supply is not proper then there is a failure in the tissue.

        • Testicle infection

        In many cases, men develop infection and the problem occurs between the age of 20 and 39. The infection can even lead to penile discharge and fever.

        • Hernia

        A hernia can result in pain and swelling. To get the damaged area fixed surgery is also needed. However, this condition can rarely result in a problem but some people do experience infertility.

        • Reduced sex drive

        If a man experiences extreme changes in sexual desire then it indicates that hormonal health is impacted and it can be linked to various reasons for male infertility. Some of the major reasons behind hormonal issues are:

        • Pituitary tumors

        The tumors are benign as they do not get spread to other body parts. It is possible that different reproductive issues can increase with it and the fertility level is impacted.

        • Anabolic steroid abuse

        The excessive use of drugs can affect male fertility. Many drugs can impact the fertility level to a great extent. In case you’re taking a steroid or hormonal injection then it is essential to consult a medical expert.

        • Erectile dysfunction

        Studies have shown that sexual dysfunction can result in 20% to 25% of infertility cases. Mostly, this issue is also linked to hormonal imbalance which is mentioned below:

        • Venous leak

        During the erection, if the nerves do not compress correctly then the erection will not happen for long enough or it can go away quickly. In most cases, the problem happens due to injury or disease.

        • Neurovascular function

        The erection will not occur if the nerves do not signal the blood vessels will push the blood flow in the veins.