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      What Is Chronic Pelvic Pain? Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

      What Is Chronic Pelvic Pain? Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

      Everything you should know about the link between Pelvic Pain and Infertility

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        Chronic pelvic pain 

        Chronic pelvic pain occurs from below the belly between the hips. Chronic pelvic pain causes many infections. Mostly this condition is common in women. Pain arises from many reasons, such as menstrual, constipation, sex, etc. Pain in the pelvic area. 


        • Menstrual pain
        • Painful urination
        • Constipation 
        • Diarrhea 
        • Bloating  
        • Bleeding when you poop
        • Fever 
        • Hip pain 
        • Pain during sex 
        • Vaginal bleeding 


        There are some reasons to develop chronic pelvic pain 

        • Appendicitis 
        • Bladder disorder
        • Kidney infection and kidney stone 
        • Nerve condition 
        • Broken pelvic pain 
        • Intense disorder 

        Chronic Pelvic pain In women case 

        • Menstrual cramps 
        • Pregnancy 
        • miscarriage 
        • Ovaries disorder 
        • Uterine cancer 
        • Ovaries cancer 
        • Ectopic pregnancy 


        When your healthcare doctor diagnoses your chronic pelvic pain. The doctor first checks your past medical record and symptoms. Some tests through they analyze causes of pain, such as;

        • Blood test
        • Urine test 
        • Pregnancy test 
        • Pelvic X-ray 
        • Laparoscopy 
        • Hysterectomy

        Pelvic test

        Your doctor checks those areas where you feel pain. After collecting details about symptoms and finding the problem, pain develops for many reasons. If you feel pain during a pelvic test, you tell your doctor they treat you according to your condition.

        Lab test

        Here the doctor measures your blood cells and urine test in the lab. After finding a problem, they treat it according to your condition.

        Ultrasound test 

        The doctor monitors your organ with the ultrasound machine. It helps to find a problem where pain occurs from this part, such as the ovaries, uterus, etc.  


        In which the doctor made a small cut in your stomach and tube. After installing a small camera. Monitoring the pelvic organs and also checking tissue and infection. 


        Treatment for chronic pelvic pain depends on several factors, including frequency and intensity of pain. 


        Chronic pelvic pain is treated with some drugs, such as antibiotics when bacteria cause pain.  

        Women suffer from chronic pelvic pain during menstrual periods when a doctor gives hormonal medicine to relieve pain.  


        If you have endometriosis in these conditions, the surgeon removes uterus tissue. When a surgeon recommends removing the uterus it is called hysterectomy surgery. You can ask your doctor if you have any queries regarding these surgeries. They provide you with details about surgery procedures. 

        Physical therapy

        Your healthcare doctor gives you suggestions for physical therapy. This therapy helps to ease your chronic pelvic pain. You are applying a heat bag and some exercise helps to relieve pain, such as yoga and meditation help to reduce your stress. 

        If you have pain in the pelvic area for six months or longer, you can visit a Gynecologist in Ludhiana for proper diagnoses and treatment.  


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