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      New Technologies Have Changed The Face Of In-vitro-fertilization

      New Technologies Have Changed The Face Of In-vitro-fertilization


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        As we know, medical science is a continuously growing field. Not only are the medications experiencing changes, but the technologies and the surgical procedures are also getting tremendously evolved. If we talk about the sphere of reproduction, then we shall come to know how IVF technologies have evolved. According to the fertility experts of the IVF centre in Punjab, the newly introduced technology is helping heavily to make the right choice to choose the reproductive cells. This is the main reason that the test tube baby cost is getting lowered day by day as there are not so many efforts induced to carry out the fertility procedures.


        If due to some reason, you are required to delay childbirth, then you can surely do so. There are so many modern techniques that have evolved. The unique methods of cryo conservation allow delaying stepping into parenthood. There could be many reasons why the parents require delayed parenthood like cancer and other diseases. The birth defects CB come out owing to any problem like chromosomal disorders and other things like that.


        When the eggs and the embryo are in the initial stages of development, then usually these are surrounded by the protein shell. The protein shell is nothing but is one of the shell or egg which helps in the successful implantation process

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        When the embryo has to be implanted, then it must break the eggshell which will eventually help in the ideal implantation process

        And when the embryo fails to do the hatching, then with the help of the various reproductive technologies, assisted hatching will be carried out.

        Assisted Hatching is nothing more than micromanipulation. During the assisted hatching, the embryologist opens the shell of the embryo before making the embryo transfer into the uterus.

        With the various, newly introduced technologies, not only the process of natural hatching becomes easier, but the implantation also becomes easier.

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        If you are considering assisted hatching, then this process has to be done much before the genetic abnormalities and the frozen embryo transfer is to be done.


        With the blastocyst culture, it has become easier to grow the eggs in the laboratory. They can be preserved in the lab until they reach the blastocyst stage.

        If the embryos are to be transferred for a longer period then it becomes quintessentially easy to choose the embryos with the best characteristics. They can be well-implanted in the uterine cavity.


        Cult activity is an innovative method, which can be thoroughly used in the activation of the eggs once they are fertilized.


        Artificial insemination is the process that is responsible for making movements in the egg collection until the embryo is transferred. Nowadays with the help of the embryo gen, it has become quintessentially possible to carry out the improvements in the development of the embryo when it has been implanted in the uterus.

        The embryo cultivation through the medium is carried out until the third day. According to the various latest researches, with this technology of cult activity, the cell communication between the mother and the embryo can be significantly improved.

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        Usually, the females who are of adobe the age of 35 usually re unable to conceive with a healthy baby as the age affects a lot.


        As we know that the embryo transfer is the last step that is performed after the completion of the other steps. Sometimes it happens that owing to the fault in the reproductive capabilities, the embryo fails to get stuck to the uterus. So for that, the embryo is to be implanted in the uterus with the help of glue.


        We all know that ICSI is ART technology that helps to inject sperm directly into the cytoplasm of the egg. This technique is the best technique to help the couple in being the biological parents of their children despite so many defects in their sperm count and morphology.

        This technique has also experienced a change. Nowadays it is possible to easily and conveniently select the sperms which have visible defects. With this technique, sperm selection has been improved up to 98%.

        The technique has made it possible to place the sperm cells into the hydraulic acid.

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        The sperm cells which have successfully reached the last stage of the spermatogenesis have developed with the attachment in the receptor for the hyaluronic acid. The immature sperm cells are the ones that have high DNA fragmentation.

        The PICSI technique has successfully escalated the chances for healthy conception.

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