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      Necrozoospermia: What are the treatment options for Necrozoospermia?

      Necrozoospermia: What are the treatment options for Necrozoospermia?


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        Have you ever heard that male sperm can be dead? In medical science, there is a term for this condition which is known by the name of Necrozoospermia. Often it is misinterpreted as low sperm count which is not true.


        Male Infertility is a common problem and there are various reasons for the same. One of them is Necrozoospermia, also known by the name of necrospermia. In which the sperm is dead when the fresh semen sample is collected. The chances of complete necrozoospermia are extremely low. As per the studies it is estimated to be around 0.2% to 0.5% of males are diagnosed with complete necrozoospermia. It is classified into 2 categories which include:


        Necrotic sperm count is 50% to 80%


        Necrotic sperm count is 80% or more

        Do you know?

        Normal sperm sample is when the necrotic sperm count is 30% or less than that.


        When a problem occurs, eventually it has some reasons for the same. Although, with this condition the causes are not clear. The problem occurs with few male, so many things are still under the dark with this condition. As per some of the theories and research, the below-mentioned causes are known:

        • When the blood temperature gets too high (it specifically happens in men who uses hot tubs and wheelchairs)

        • Advanced paternal age

        • Early testicular cancer

        • Presence of anti-sperm antibodies (in this condition, the body immune system start attacking its own healthy & normal sperm cell count)

        • Getting exposed to harmful toxins like:

        • Mercury

        • Pesticides

        • Lead

        • Cadmium2

        In case, you are working in the factory or anywhere close to the chemical then the person is suspected to have this condition.

        • Street drug use

        • Spinal cord injury

        • Hormonal imbalance (due to hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH))

        • Male reproductive tract infection

        • No ejaculation for a long time

        • Varicocele (presence of dilated & abnormal veins in the scrotum)

        • Epididymis or testicle issue


        • First of all make sure that you do not consider both the terms as one.

        Male sperm is dead


        Male sperm motility is abnormal (it is referred to the way it swims). Keep in mind, when the sperm does not move you cannot consider this as dead.

        With asthenozoospermia around 100% of the sperm, samples are not able to move properly. In addition, this problem occurs in around 1 in 5000 men. When we talk about both the conditions there are not usual symptoms that occur. So, the best way to diagnose the issue is by getting a semen analysis. Studies have shown that around 50% of male infertility cases are not able to be determined properly.

        • If we consider the treatment options then here is what the doctor will suggest you:
        Absolute asthenozoospermia

        IVF with ICSI is the first treatment option suggested to the couple.


        IVF with ICSI is not able to be done during fresh ejaculation. It is obvious that a dead sperm cannot fertilize the egg.


        There are chances that the necrozoospermia has a false diagnosis due to the following reasons:

        • Use of non-friendly lubricant

        To get the semen sample, make sure that you prefer a fertility-friendly option or no lubricant. Otherwise, it can kill the sperm. If you are not sure then it is better to consult the doctor.

        • Sperm sample box is dirty

        Make sure that the semen sample is collected in a sterile and dry cup. If there is anything unwanted in the cup then sperm will get dead.

        • Sperm sample collected in the regular condom

        Don’t make this mistake. In case, you are having a problem collecting it through masturbation then you should do this through sexual intercourse.

        If your semen analysis results came out as negative then the doctor is going to ask you to get the test done again and it is possible that you are asked to give the semen sample 2 times in one day. In the next test, the sperm samples are much faster.


        Initially, the first treatment step is to address the reason behind these issues like:

        For infection

        Antibiotics are prescribed

        For drug abuse

        Drug addiction treatment is given

        Although, the treatment with the highest success rate is testicular/epididymal sperm extraction with ICSI (TESE-ICSI).

        WRAP UP

        Even in the case of unsuccessful results, the option of donor sperm is suggested to the patients. No doubt, infertility is difficult to deal with but you should consult the fertility expert and explore the best treatment approach for you.


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